I am a kandi kid, I am a raver.
I am a neon freak, a walking rainbow. I am a cross between “a care bear puked on by a unicorn" and "a fashionless, tacky piece of shit.” I “have enough plastic jewelry on for a bag lady and a half."  

I wear plastic, beaded bracelets up to my elbows, I sound like a maraca when I shake my arms, I look ridiculous. I walk into a store and people stop, point and stare. I’ve been glared at, called “raver scum,” “druggie" and my personal favorite, "rainbow skank.” 

Others may not like me, they may not like us. They may have stereotypical ideas and assumptions about what we do and who we are. The idea of a raver has become people shooting up under blacklight while listening to “techno music.”
Others think that we are “retards,” as one Tumblr user put it,  for being apart of something we love and embracing a culture that doesn’t “make sense.”  

We live the way we want to live and we love what we love. I live with P.L.U.R as my motto and EDM as my lifesource. Our religion is our music, our emotion is love. We are birds of the night, we are freaks of nature and we unite under the electric sky. 

You may hate us, dismiss us, misunderstand us, and you may not even who we are or if we even exist. We just ask that you do not hate us, because we would never hate you. We don’t judge based on appearance, clothing, subculture or personality. We are not criminals. We do not hurt people. We do not hate. We live on Peace, Love, Unity and Respect; this is our motto, our manifesto. 

I live to make people smile, to make them happy. If I can do that by giving a stranger on the street a bracelet; I will gladly do it. If I can make a little girl smile by handing her something that is cute or pretty; I will not hesitate. I am here to empower; to spread love wherever I go. If that makes me a freak; I gladly embrace it and wear it proudly on my sleeve.

I am a raver.
I am a kandi kid.
I am not a bad person.
I am not destructive.
I am not hateful.
I am not one to judge.
I am here to love and to build up.
I am here to spread acceptance.
I am here to spread a smile wherever I go.
I am a freak, a weirdo, a tacky, walking rainbow.
And I love it; more than anything else in the world.

We do not judge you based on how you dress, act, the lifestyle you seek or the choices you make. We do not care who you are, where you have come from, where you will go or what you identify with.

We love all, we embrace everyone. We seek to unify.
We are the kandi kids, the ravers, the freaks, the weirdos, the creeps, the strange ones.

And we wear it proudly. 

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